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You will read my and my partner’s interesting experiences of leaving the west coast of Canada without the injection under full lockdown travel restrictions. On why we chose to become refugees, and some of my research and thoughts about what and why we have entered a time that in time will be known as … well, something. For now, I’m calling it ‘Living in the time of covid’, although ‘Living the Great Reset’ is likely to be a more accurate name.

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Now, more than ever, this is our time to create new community bonds, when the great reset forces are encouraging us by social pressure and (quasi-)legal mandates to isolate, separate and mask. Substack is the company that provides the tech for this newsletter. You may like to visit Substack at Substack.com.

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The events of my life after my partner and I refused to be injected and became covid refugees in the time of the great reset.


Guy Duperreault
My yoga practice has been waking me up to the spiritual truth that lives in my body and has grown my strength and autonomy. With that strength I have begun to be able to fight against the global eugenics plan euphemistically called the great reset.